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Aireside Business Park, Keighley

Client: Belton Road Properties Ltd

Architect: Horsley Townsend

Aireside Business Park, is the redevelopment of part of the former Magnet Joinery manufacturing facility in Keighley. The former 205,000 sq ft manufacturing facility has been sub-divided to form seven separate manufacturing and warehousing units, including the refurbishment of the units and installation of new site infrastructure.

Solution:Positive were appointed under Performance Duties to develop Landlords services and new incoming utility services to the units, including the diversion of major fibre-optic services for Virgin Media and SSE Telecom, which are part of the “National Data Highway”.

Key challenge: A new access road was required, passing within 600mm of a 400mm dia HighPressure Trunk Main, which forms part of the Yorkshire Water distribution network for WestYorkshire.

Solution:Positive negotiated with Yorkshire Water, on behalf of Belton Road Properties, and agreed a number of protective measures, which allowed the trunk main to remain in its existing location, so avoiding a protracted and expensive diversion.

Client feedback:“Refurbishment and reconfiguration projects can often be more complicated than straight forward new builds, particularly where services are concerned.It was this concern that led us to employ Solution:Positive on this project, to appraise the potential problems, advise on solutions, to co-ordinate the new and existing services installations and to act on our behalf during the contract period.We felt that this was handled very well bySolution:Positive, with all aspects of the brief being dealt with efficiently and effectively.We look forward to doing business again in the future.”

James Turner - Belton Road Properties


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