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Kew Bridge Court

Client: Residential Land

Architect: WCEC Architects

Kew Bridge Court, an existing residential development located in the Chiswick area of London, was originally developed in 1936, when seventy-six apartments were built on the site. Further development of the exclusive privately gated estate includes the construction of four individual dwellings with integral parking and private secluded gardens.

Solution:Positive was appointed as Building Services and Sustainability Consultants to the project on Performance Duties, with a monitoring role on behalf of the Client, during theConstruction Phase. Utilising Low and Zero Carbon Technologies (LZCT), consisting of green roofs, photo-voltaic cells, high efficiency low NOx condensing boilers and electric vehicle charging points has resulted in a Zero Carbon Emissions development.

Key challenge: To minimise noise pollution from the adjacent active (Southern) limb of the “Kew Bridge Railway Triangle” commuter route, a whole house mechanical ventilation system, with heat recovery(MVHR)was installed to provide ventilation to the new houses, avoiding the need for openable windows. The development has been featured in the Evening Standard’s Homes and Property supplement - ‘London’s most luxurious homes’.


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