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32 Devonshire Place, Harrogate

Client: Newby

Architect:Axis Architecture

As one of the first coaching inns in High Harrogate, 32 Devonshire Place has an interesting and some what chequered past. Dating back to c1760, the building has over the years operated as numerous public houses, hotels and more recently an Indian restaurant.

Having been extended and extensively remodelled over the last 250 years, the building had become neglected and

unfortunately fallen into a state of disrepair, resulting in many of the original features being lost or damaged. By sympathetically applying modern construction methods to the historic building, in full agreement with the Harrogate Borough Council Conservation Officer, twelve spacious apartments have been created within this historic building, with conversion of the former Spirits Store into a separate Mews cottage.

Solution:Positive was appointed under Performance Duties to develop a services strategy for the apartments and upgrade the incoming infrastructure to meet the requirements of the Clients brief


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